DIY Rhinestone Art | The Best Tips That You Should Try Right Now

Ever heard of DIY Rhinestone Art? This is the newest trend that makes art enthusiasts excited. It is an easy and enjoyable activity for crafters both young and old. It is based on the same concept as mosaic, paint-by-numbers and cross-stitching. This kind of art uses rhinestones to create colorful designs and patterns for finished designs that sparkle like the midnight sky.

Applying the rhinestones is a simple three-step process that is meditative and relaxing. It will surely provide hours of enjoyment as you recreate turn your chosen pattern into a beautiful rhinestone art. DIY Rhinestone art kits are available in various sizes and styles from simple to elaborate so crafters of all skill levels can find a project to enjoy.

In order to have a successful project, here’s what you should do to make it possible.

Tips for Your DIY Rhinestone Art


Store your materials properly

Improper storage of your materials can not only affect their quality, but it can also result in displacement.

When you store your materials in an inappropriate place, such as a humid, damp place, it can lessen the quality of the product. The adhesive on the canvas will be affected, which means it will be less sticky. The same applies if it is placed near the sunlight.

Misplacing your materials can lead to an unfinished DIY rhinestone art. Every part and bead is crucial for a successful result. Although some stores offer extra beads and pen, if not stored correctly you can lose it again.

Do not peel your canvas fully

Just like any other adhesives, the rhinestone art’s adhesive will also lose stickiness when exposed to air for too long. That is why it is recommended to only open the parts that you think you can finish in one sitting.

Another thing to remember is to refrain from touching the adhesive with your hands. The stickiness will be greatly reduced if it is repeatedly touched.

Review your chart

Review your chart and legend carefully before you begin. The packages of diamonds are labeled with the color name or number, but it might help to also label the bag with the symbol used for that color. This will help you quickly identify the correct color as you work.

Keep away from small children!

The DIY rhinestone art kit contains a lot of items that can be hazardous to small children. There’s a possibility that they might swallow the tiny items or be exposed to something toxic for them. It’s best to make sure they are not around when you are working on your art. If it can’t be helped, make sure that you will watch them well.

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