DIY Rhinestone Tricks for Your Next Project

Are you looking for a brand new hobby to satisfy your artistic cravings? Grab that DIY Rhinestone painting kit and get started!

Now that you have opened your very own DIY rhinestone painting kit, you might be intimidated by the number of beads and symbols inside. This can seem confusing for beginners, but it is actually just as easy as 1, 2, 3! Let us guide you throughout this colorful journey we call Rhinestone Painting.


How to Make DIY Rhinestone Painting Easier


Provide proper storage of your supplies.

The kit will come with beads in a wide variety of colors. They will be labeled according to the numbers assigned to them to avoid confusion. However, tiny plastics bags are the only thing that would separate them from the others. It would be inconvenient once you open them because there’s a possibility of them scattering or mixing, which can give you delayed, unfinished, or incomplete output.

To avoid this, you should prepare small plastic containers for each color. Put a label on each container (assigned numbers preferred). They will have their own storage place to avoid misplacing and mixing with other colors. This can also make them easier to access and organize. Some kits come in resealable plastic bags. You can also utilize them to organize your beads.

Use the other side of your pen.

Did you know that you can pick up three beads at a time? Just use the other side of your pen to pick up the beads. Doing so will make your work process easier and much faster!

Your adhesive will be this little square item that has a plastic layer over it, to preserve the stickiness of the glue.

To start, gently peel back the plastic layer, but do not just peel off the entire layer yet! Open just enough space for the amount of glue you will need for this sitting. Press the end of the diamond painting pen tool to let the adhesive transfer to the tip.

Put the beads or tiles on the drills.

Your DIY rhinestone kit will come with a rectangular tool called drills.  This will help the beads or tiles to be aligned and ready to be picked up by your pen tool. It would be time consuming to stick the beads or tiles one by one, so make use of the drills to prevent that. You can shake the drills a little bit so that the 5d side of the tiles will be facing up.

Do NOT remove the protective covering.

Your canvas will have a protective sheet covering it to preserve the stickiness of the adhesive. Be wary of the symbols per tile to get the best results. Do not peel off the whole thing in one sitting, especially if you won’t finish the whole thing. Just peel off parts that you can finish.

Press the beads down on the canvas.

Once you’re done, you can give the beads a soft pressing on the canvas to secure their place.

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