How to Make Beads Craft

Rhinestone art is becoming more popular these days but for some who have yet to be introduced to it, rhinestone art is a Beads Craft. It is also called “diamond painting” because instead of paints, you’ll use beads to color your craft. It is also somehow resembles cross-stitching because it also comes with patterns that you have to follow.

Beads Craft is not just something you can do during your spare time. It can also be a nice addition to your house once it’s finished. You can hang it on your walls or even give it as a gift to someone. It is more addicting that you can’t even imagine. It is great for children and adults can enjoy it too so if you are wondering how to make one, continue reading.

Tools in Making Beads Craft


The pattern is definitely one of the most important element in beads craft. Just like in cross-stitching, you have you follow a pattern; it will guide you as to what proper color you should place to the right spot to be able to successfully create a beautiful masterpiece from your chosen kit.


The next most important thing in doing rhinestone art should be the beads. Without the beads, your whole rhinestone art process will be pointless. The beads will be the one to be used as your coloring material for your pattern. As discussed earlier, the pattern will be your guide and the beads will be placed on top of it to give it that 5D effect.


Yes, you need glue! Because you’ll be needing beads, it is just right that you use glue to place them on the right place and to prevent them from moving from one place to another. You would not want a single bead falling out from your masterpiece right? Glue them right.


You might be wondering, “for what do i need pen for?” Well, it is not your typical pen, it is a pen used for beads craft. It is what you’ll be using to pick up the beads and place them to your pattern accordingly. Your hands alone can not do the trick so you’ll be needing the help of a pen.
These are the basic things that you’ll need if you want to start your very first diamond painting. If you want a high quality diamond painting kit, make sure to visit Rhinestone Art, visit us online today!