Rhinestone Art Designs | Recommended Patterns for Adults

Everyone is loving rhinestone art! They can’t help but finish more rhinestone art designs one after the other. Whether you’re a first timer or you’ve already done plenty, admit it, choosing the next design to work on can be time-consuming. Why? Simply because there are a lot of options to choose from!

Choosing a Rhinestone art design should be taken seriously. Remember that you will be investing your money, time, and effort in it. That is why it is important to go for something you really like. If you have no idea on which design you should aim for, we are here to help you decide. Check out some of the most loved rhinestone art designs that you can love, too!

Rhinestone Art Designs for Adults


Flowers are one of the most loved patterns because who doesn’t like flowers right? This design is always a good choice if you’re a first-timer. It is not very hard to follow and it is very pleasing to the eyes. Let’s take a look at one of our best sellers, the Lavenders in a Vase:

The colors of this design are guaranteed to take away the stress and welcome the fun. It is also the perfect size, 40 cm by 40cm, to start your first beaded masterpiece.

Some rhinestone art designs even have other elements added to enhance the whole picture. Check out these other designs:

Angel with Pink Flowers


Fairy on Periwinkle Flowers


Yellow Birds among the Flowers




Animal designs are indeed a little bit more difficult than the flowers. However, they bring more excitement because you will know that at the end it is all worth it. Animals are pleasing to the eyes because of the variety they offer. Also, what’s not to love in their unique ways? You can show your appreciation to them using your art. Here are some of the most popular animal rhinestone art designs we have:



Baby Panda


Cat with a Blue Butterfly


Tiger Cub



If you plan to hang your masterpiece after you’re done doing it, why not try to get a landscape pattern? Landscapes are a great choice for a pattern because it never gets boring. In the process of making your rhinestone art, you’ll be able to make flowers, grass, mountains, clouds and more in one Rhinestone Pattern.

Check out our bestselling landscape designs:

Trees and Flowers




Autumn Road


Summer Cottage


When choosing a Rhinestone Pattern, be sure to choose the pattern that interests you the most. Go for what you think will be worthy to be hanged on your wall. If you are looking for cool patterns check out Rhinestone Art. We have a variety of designs and patterns for you. Visit our store today!