Rhinestone Art | How to Easily Get Started

Have you ever seen a rhinestone art displayed somewhere and truly admired it? If you wish to have one on your own, well this is your lucky day! Did you know that you can do Rhinestone Art anytime and anywhere? You can even display it for everyone to see and admire! Yes! You can even gift it to friends and family.

Rhinestone Art is the newest trend in the art industry. It is a great way to calm the mind and relieve stress. It is a very easy art to do yet once done it will be lovely. Both kids and adults can have fun with this surprisingly refreshing hobby. Are you excited to get started on your very first Rhinestone Art? Don’t worry, we will show you the way.


Steps In Rhinestone Art


Each design has an adhesive canvas, beads, a tray, a pen, and the pen glue. Resealable plastics are also included to help you organize your beads.

Step One: Carefully unroll the canvas

Just like any other art materials, you’ll have to be careful when handling your canvas. This is to make sure that it will stay in a good and mint condition. If this will be your first time opening it, then you’ll have to be extra careful. Some of the contents are rolled together with the canvas. If not handled properly, there is a chance of misplacing the items.

Step Two: Select the area where you wish to begin

Once you finally decided where to start, take a closer look and observe the code placed in the squares. Take a look at the chart shown at the left side of the canvas. This will show you which code corresponds to a specific bead number. Once you find the matching beads, put them on the tray provided.

Step Three: Organize used beads

After opening the bag of beads, make sure to immediately put them in the resealable plastic. This is to prevent misplacing them.

Step Four: Put the beads on the canvas using the pen

Grab the glue and dip the end of your pen. Use this to pick up the beads on the tray for easier application. Uncover the part of the canvas you wish to decorate and stick the beads to that area. If you want the beading process to be a bit faster, you can use the other side of the pen. This way, you can pick up three beads at a time.

See it in action here:


Repeat steps two to four until you finish your Rhinestone Art! See, it’s that easy! Call us at +63 945-240-6310 for more details! You can also visit our store to look for your first design.