Rhinestone Arts and Crafts | Great Ideas That You Can Try

After investing a lot of time and effort on your Rhinestone Arts and Crafts, you will just feel all the sense of achievement and relief coming your way. Looking at how wonderful it turned out, you just can’t believe it was made by your own hands! So what are you going to do with it?

That question might have made you think for a while. Most people would say that you should frame it and then hang it somewhere in your house or office. That is usually the next step for your artwork, but not all art is meant to be hung on the walls. Sometimes, it is meant to be shared with the world.

Rhinestone Arts and Crafts Ideas to Try


Your Rhinestone Art can surely add more color to your room and to your life. Hanging it on your walls is one way to share its beauty to your family and visitors, but it’s time to let your work shine even brighter.

IDEA NO. 1 – Pillow Case

Give your throw pillows a new life by decorating them with your artwork. However, you should keep in mind about the size of your canvas and the size of the throw pillow. You will need to pick a coordinating fabric to create the border and backing to your pillow.

This can be great for other kinds of pillows too. Transform them into something that would be both eye-catching and huggable.

IDEA NO. 2 – Book Cover

Most of us are guilty of just leaving books to collect dust in the corner or in boxes. Even those old photo albums that keep our fondest memories in existing pictures, they are just there waiting to be picked up and revisited.

You can transform it into something worthy to be displayed and checked out! Just trim the finished design as desired, apply double-sided foam tape at the back, and gently attach it to your book cover. This can also be done with your school/office supplies and scrapbooks.

IDEA NO. 3 – T-shirt Design

Do you want to have a shirt that will surely stand out in the crowd? Well, you can try applying your favorite Rhinestone Painting design on your t-shirt! Just like on the pillow cases, you will need a coordinating fabric to combine the two. In most cases, you can also try applying it directly on your shirt.

IDEA NO. 4 – Sell It

You can sell your Rhinestone arts and crafts in its finished form, as a pillowcase design, as a fabulous book cover, and as an outstanding t-shirt.

You can post your artworks online on websites like EtsyAmazon, and Artfire.

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