Rhinestone Cross Stitch | How Cross Stitch Became Rhinestone Art

 The history of rhinestone cross stitch can be traced back to when embroidery began. The word “embroidery” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for “edge”, although the art of embroidery has already been prominent before its proper term was coined. Embroidery was first seen and recognized on medieval church vestments as stitch decorations on borders. Eventually, it passed the borders and the textile fabric began to be covered with stitched decorations.

The earliest embroidery works were created on textiles made from intertwined stems and grasses, until twisting short fibers and animal hair replaced it around 10,000 BC. The use of embroidery became more common and was also used as decorations on clothes between 5,000 BC and 500 AD, as evident on excavated tombs and monuments. Historians are still unsure about how embroidery eventually gave life to cross stitch, but they shared that it might have been inspired by the craftsmanship of the Chinese (Tang dynasty 618-906 AD).

Cross Stitch Sightings

Catherine of Aragon, the Spanish first wife of Henry VII, has the credits to bringing blackwork to England. Blackwork is believed to be the humble beginning of what we know today as cross stitch. It got its name because black sheep wool was used on white linen.

Cross stitching art continued to flourish, it even had a printed pattern book produced on Germany in 1524. However, not all were able to grab their copy and had to make use of their own techniques. What the stitchers did was to record samples of their chosen pattern on strips of cloth. They were not easy to get too, that was why having one was considered a family asset.

The popularity of cross stitching continued to rise, thus the rise of accessible pattern books. These were made possible with the invention of printing. The earliest pattern books had black squares, leaving the color decision to the stitcher. The patterns are similar to the patterns we usually see in stores today.

Rhinestone Cross Stitch

A new kind of hobby started to get noticed by anyone looking for a new hobby. It is what’s commonly known today as Rhinestone Art. It has the same joy of creating something beautiful with cross stitching, but what makes it stand out is its shine! You also follow patterns and recreate stunning artworks. It is similar to cross stitching, but diamond painting uses rhinestones to decorate the canvas.

Rhinestone is the modern cross stitch. If you loved cross-stitching, then rhinestone art is also something you can definitely enjoy.

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